Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tips For Using Your Goodyear Credit Card

The name Goodyear is a household name, not only for the blimp you see up in the sky, but for their tires as well. And with over four thousand service centers nationwide it's easy to see why this company is so popular and why they have their own credit card.

Having a Goodyear card can be a great thing, especially if used wisely. The card gives consumers a chance to get what they need, mostly tires, and put it on the card. Tires can be expensive considering all the types available and more importantly, how many you need to buy.

Here's a question, when was the last time you checked your tires overall condition. Tire pressure, how much tread is left, cracks, tears or rips? As a matter of fact, how many people do you know that even check these things, and how often do they check?

A lot of people neglect checking their tires, and on top of that, almost all of them don't consider what it would cost to replace all four, or even just one. One tire can be anywhere from dollars and upwards of two hundred dollars per tire.

If you need to buy one tire then that's not too bad, but if you need to replace all four all at once, then that could set you back a few dollars. Having a card with this company gives you the convenience of purchasing 1 tire or all four and putting the purchase on the card. Now matter how many tires you buy, if you use the card, it has a benefit of zero % interest, like other cards where, if you pay off the entire balance by the due date then there is no interest charge.

But paying off the entire balance can be a little steep, especially for those who run a tight budget. If you can't pay it all off at once you'll have to go with plan "B" and do low monthly payments until you bring the balance down to zero. That's not too bad given the fact that, if you need to buy four tires at once, you can. Just remember, if you have to make monthly payments your going to have to pay interest also.

One thing to bring to attention is that the Goodyear service centers offer more than just tires. They offer other services, for instance, what if one of your other systems needs attention or is not running up to par. Goodyear can check it out for you, you don't have to go someplace else. And these other services can be put on the Goodyear card as well.

So if you have or are thinking of getting a Goodyear credit card then try to remember:
1 Read all the fine print and make sure you understand all the fees associated with this card.
2 Make sure you pay the bill as early as possible.
3 Keep the balance as small as possible.
4 Keep the purchases as small as possible.
5 Keep in mind that this card isn't there for you to go on a shopping spree, try to use it only in emergencies.

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