Monday, June 25, 2012


Considering enzyte natural male enhancement? Thinking about becoming friends with smiling bob? My website provides some frank and honest commentary on enzyte natural male enhancement that may surprise you. Enzyte definitely didn't work for me. I certainly didn't get better erections, and as a matter of fact, my erections seemed softer while taking enzyte. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to read about my experiences with enzyte before you make a decision to purchase enzyte.

If you look online and search for enzyte complaints, you will find a wealth of unhappy customers. Enzyte is notorious for charging customer's credit cards with bogus unapproved charges. As a matter of fact, Enzyte's found was put away to jail for this fraudulent activity. I strongly urge you to consider this shadiness before you decide to purchase enzyte. I would hate for your credit card to get charged without an authorization. I bought enzyte at my local Wal-Mart, and consider it a huge waste of my money.

I experienced no results while taking enzyte, and was left very disappointed by its effectiveness. For , it is a terrible value. Enzyte seems to be nothing more than a heavy dose of ginseng and gingko, which I get from my multivitamin anyway. It certainly doesn't help with male enhancement. Enzyte was a disappointing supplement, and I hope you appreciate my honest and candid feedback. Enzyte just happens to sell because it has been around for so long. My extenze review is raw, uncut, and to the point. Be very cautious before buying enzyte. It can leave you wanting your money back.

Please treat this article as my personal review of enzyte, and obviously individual results may vary. I didn't get the results I expected from enzyte, and I'd be curious to see if anyone had the same problems I had. Many sites on the internet contain pretty rough reviews of their product, and mine is certainly no exception. Enzyte seems like it promises so much, and deliver so little. Smiling Bob shouldn't really be smiling if his experience was anything like mine with enzyte

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